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"Frank & Lola" At The Las Vegas Film Festival


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This week, KNPR’s State of Nevada has been covering the Las Vegas Film Festival, which continues through Sunday.

“Frank & Lola," which was filmed in Paris and Las Vegas will be shown Friday at Inspire Theater on Fremont Street.

The movie’s director and screenwriter Matthew Ross talked about his new film. 


How important is Las Vegas to this film?

I had originally not written it for Las Vegas. It was New York and Paris. And an opportunity arose to get the film made but we would have to move it to Las Vegas. My experience of Las Vegas up until this point had been the typical tourist experience. It’s very important to me to understand something as a sense of place because otherwise I’m just not going to be able to find what I need to find creatively in order to really elevate it.

I couldn’t imagine the film in New York anymore. I think Las Vegas has this intense emotional quality, especially when you leave the tourist areas. There’s this sort of Edward Hopper quality to Vegas that I found very interesting and compelling.

Why did you want to write about two characters that were so damaged and dark in a lot of ways?

Most of us have some damaged qualities. And also love can make you crazy and make you do somethings that are irrational and self-destructive and obsessive and things that make you lose control over yourself. That is Frank’s arc throughout the film. His inability to control his obsessiveness and the havoc it wreaks on his life, her life and their relationship.

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You have extensive experience as a journalist. Did you always want to be a screenwriter?

I’ve always wanted to make movies ever since I could remember, since I was 6. I was only child, pretty lonely and I think I would just rent three or four movies a day every day from my local video store on the way home from school and just watch them. That’s always been something I wanted to do.

You went to the Sundance Film Festival this winter. What was the reception like?

It was terrific. It was a dream come true to premiere your film at the Eccles Theater with several thousand people staring at you with your whole cast and crew on stage. I had covered the festival and just remember thinking ‘I want to have my first movie there.’

What’s next for this film?

We’re going to be released in the fall. We’re still working out the specific details. Universal bought the film at Sundance and we’re just working out the theatrical release dates right now. It will be in theaters and every digital device soon.



Matthew Ross, Screenwriter and Directer for the movie, "Frank & Lola."

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