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Actor Lundon Boyd On The Rise


Fred Wasser

Los Angeles-based actor Lundon Boyd stars in two movies at this year’s Las Vegas Film Festival: “Dealer” and “Rabbit Days.”

This week, the Las Vegas Film Festival is showing two quirky comedic films featuring actor Lundon Boyd.

Tuesday night is the movie, “Dealer.” This coming Sunday, the film is “Rabbit Days.”

You might call Lundon a struggling actor or maybe an up-and-comer or a promising actor – well, let’s find out if he agrees with any of those characterizations.


How would you define yourself? 

Both seem rather appropriate. 

Do you consider yourself an actor or a filmmaker?

At the end of the day, I like to consider myself an actor because that's what I primarily like to do. As it turns out, I've kind of just fallen into filmmaking... just because it's a good way for me to get acting jobs.

The movie "Dealer," which you star in, is funny. Have you ever done standup?

No! I keep getting asked about that. I've got a lot of friends who do it and they ask, 'when are you getting up there?' I'm sure I'll try it. I love audience feedback and I love the raw power of live performance. 

What is the film "Dealer" about?

It's a message that I don't think is a positive message, but it's funny because it's not. A guy who most of his friends would describe as boring or he doesn't go out or somebody who is not very fun, somebody who sucks the air out of the room a little bit, he wants a change in life and the change that presents itself to him is the most dangerous and illegal change that could fall into his lap. But he is kind of forced into this new world and it teaches him stuff about himself that I don't think he even knew existed.

Support comes from

On growing up in Alaska:

I have a complicated relationship with Alaska. I love a lot of the people there but I would not like to go back there any time in my life. It is unforgiving. 

On acting in films versus theater:

I was a theater minor there at the University of Anchorage and doing that I just realized I was young and impatient... I was just like, 'there has got to be an easier way.' Then I did a short film and they said 'cut' and thought 'Is that it?' and they said 'Yup!' I thought I can get behind this instead of 30 days of repeating the same lines. You do it in a day and you have got to get it right.  

You've moved to Los Angeles. What are you up to there?

At this point, I'm just getting these movies ready and trying to get them into festivals and reaching out to agents and managers to come check out the movies, saying 'if you think you can make money off me then come exploit me, I'm ready.' 


Lundon Boyd, Los Angeles-based film actor

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