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UNLV Dean Shares Medical Detective Stories In New Memoir

The last time KNPR caught up with Mary Guinan, it was in honor of World Aids Day, and we talked to her about her working with some of the first AIDS patients as a scientist with the Centers for Disease Control.

Guinan, also the founding dean of the College of Community Health Sciences at UNLV, was also one of the CDC's first female medical detectives - and the only female physician in her class at the organization's Epidemic Intelligence Service. 

Throughout her career, she was sent on research missions to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon. Guinan was a part of India's Smallpox Eradication Program, to search out patients with the disease and prevent it from spreading - and by 1975 Uttar Pradash was declared smallpox-free. 

Guinan has documented some of these adventures in her new memoir "Adventures of a Female Medical Detective."

She joins KNPR to talk about some of those adventures in her career.


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Mary Guinan, founding dean, UNLV College of Community Health Sciences 

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