Nancy Uscher, UNLV's New Dean At The College Of Fine Arts


Photo by Winifred Westergard/UNLV

Nancy J. Uscher has been named dean of UNLV’s College of Fine Arts.

UNLV’s College of Fine Arts brings on a new dean this summer. 

Her name is Nancy Uscher. She brings with her a diverse background in arts administration, teaching, and performing – including six years as a violist with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

She’s leaving Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts where she’s been president for the past six years.

The College of Fine Arts at UNLV includes the schools of art, dance, film, theater, architecture, and music.

"The opportunities I see ahead are to enjoy the lives of the students, watch them grow and change through the stellar education they receive from the college," Uscher said. 

Uscher said she would like to see how the different disciplines of the college could work in collaboration together. And although she is coming from a city that has a better reputation for the arts than Las Vegas does, she optimistic. 

"I look at Las Vegas as burgeoning wonderful place with tremendous energy to grow and change and there is no doubt to me that the university has a fundamental place in the ecosystem of the city and the state of Nevada," she said. 


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Nancy Ulscher, dean, UNLV's College of Fine Arts. 

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