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Yale Professor: 2016 Could Lay Groundwork For 'Worse Than Trump'


Jae C. Hong/AP

Business man Donald Trump gives crowd in Las Vegas a thumbs up after winning the Nevada caucus in February.

The 2016 presidential election has stirred a lot of emotion in the hearts of many Americans - excitement, anger and anxiety among them.

Nevada has had its share of presidential moments already. It has hosted a Democratic debate in Oct. 2015, and UNLV will be the location of the final presidential debate this fall between the nominees. But that's not all. Donors who contribute major amounts to the parties to protect their interests reside here.  

Jason Stanley, a philosophy professor from Yale University, has written about and talked about some of the ideologies in this election cycle, and the influence of money in politics.

He joins KNPR to talk about elections and the ideologies behind them. 


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Jason Stanley, professor of philosophy, Yale University 

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