Tick and Dina on Bernie and Hillary


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Bernie Sanders speaks with Hillary Clinton during a break at the third Democratic presidential debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H.

The three remaining Democratic candidates are in town for a fundraising dinner Wednesday to benefit the Nevada State Democratic Party.

They’re the group that is managing the Democratic Caucuses later next month.

KNPR's State of Nevada talked to two Las Vegas leaders who find themselves backing different Democratic candidates.

State Senator Tick Segerblom has been a very vocal Bernie Sanders supporter. And Representative Dina Titus is firmly in the Hillary Clinton camp.

Segerblom on why he supports Bernie Sanders:

"He speaks truth to power and he just reminds me so much of back in the 60s when I grew up in politics. And he's never changed."

Titus on why she supports Hillary Clinton:

"I just believe that she is the person ready to be president. There is no question about it. She's got the breadth of experience. The depth of knowledge and the strength of commitment."

Segerblom on Sanders' plans for Wall Street:

"This is an issue that he has been working on for 50 years. He's very familiar with what happened and more importantly I think he is really committed to making sure that Wall Street, big banks, billionaires the people in the institutions that really control this country have less control."

Support comes from

Titus on Clinton's plans for Wall Street:

"The plans that she's laid out goes after the shadow banking because if you saw the "Big Short" movie you can see that's not just banks it was insurance companies like AIG, hedge funds, all of those other financial institutions need to be brought under more regulation."

On the idea that the system is rigged:

Segerblom: Citizens United really is a Supreme Court issue... The Supreme Court, in my opinion, is the most critical thing. It is absolutely essential that the Democrats retain the presidency so we can get control of the Supreme Court.

Titus: I don't like the way the system works either. I think Citizens United was a terrible decision. I'm the sponsor of a number of campaign finance reform bills and Hillary Clinton is to. The problem is Republicans aren't willing to overturn that. And you don't go into a gun fight with a knife... We need to change those rules so you don't just buy elections and millionaires don't control the outcome.

On working with what is expected to be a Republican majority in the house:

Segerblom: That's why I think it's so important to have somebody that is just committed to his bones to make these changes and is not going to stop from day one until the last gasp of day four or day eight to change the way the system works. 

"If you listen to him, what he says is 'I can't do it. I'm kinda of the spokesperson. I'm the figurehead but the reality is the American people have to stand up.' The fact is if the American people are willing to let the Donald Trumps and the billionaires run this country then nobody can change it."

On the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party:

Segerblom: "The difference between our two candidates and their side is night and day. You couldn't have more difference of an opinion. They all have tax plans that are more concentration more money to the wealthy." 

"That's why this is going to be a great election because who ever wins the Democratic party and who ever wins the Republican party the voters will have a true choice. And they'll have a chance in this country to really see which side is going to prevail."

Titus: I think Hillary will be the nominee but I think all the Democrats will see what a contrast there is between our team and theirs. You have seen it repeatedly on the debate stage and on the campaign trail. 

On getting Nevada's Latino vote:

Titus: "I think Secretary Clinton will carry the Latino vote. She did before and I think she will again. She's working very hard in that community." 

"She has a record on immigration and she has laid out her proposal which would protect the Dreamers and take it a step further and protect their families. So I think that will play very well there"

Segerblom: "We are totally committed at the bottom to reaching out to all of the communities. We have an office also in east Las Vegas. We're going to be very activate in the Latino community... We're not giving anything up. We're going to fight for every vote and the reality is that's where the unregistered voters are."


Congresswoman Dina Titus, D-NV, State Senator Tick Segerblom, D-NV

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