Why Is Patrick Harper Still An NLV Murder Suspect?


North Las Vegas Police Dept.

Patrick Harper was arrested more than a year ago for murder; however, video surveillance from a nearby convenience store showed he wasn't at the crime scene. So why is he still a suspect?

More than a year ago, North Las Vegas police arrested Patrick Harper for murder.

He was held in jail for two weeks until the Clark County District Attorney dropped the charges. Why were charges dropped? Video surveillance at a convenience store put him a mile away from the scene at the time of the murder.

More than a year later, no one has been arrested for the murder. But Harper's attorney, Kristina Wildeveld, says North Las Vegas police insist Harper is still a suspect. 

"We would like him to no longer be considered a suspect in the case," Wildeveld said. "You can be charged with murder at anytime."

The whole thing started last September when 20-year-old Andrea Lafon was shot and killed. Witnesses told police that five young men, including Harper, were present at the time of the shooting.

Two of the five told police Harper was the shooter, which lead to his arrest.

The case has come back into the spotlight after those two young men were involved in other crimes. 

One, Reginald Holland-Houston, has been charged with an unrelated murder and the other, Taylor Brantley, was shot and killed during a fight at Mojave High school.  

Harper's attorney said the boys knew each other but they weren't close friends. 

Wildeveld believes there is more work to be done in this case.

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"I think North Las Vegas needs to follow through with the suspects they had originally and re-interview the people they had originally to determine who was involved in the Andrea Lafon murder," she said.

Wildeveld wants Harper's name cleared, arguing that keeping him as a suspect only adds to the daily pressures of having been arrested in the first place.

She said that immediately after the shooting at Mojave High School Harper's family and Wildeveld had to make sure he was no where near the scene. 

"But that's what being labeled as a murder suspect does to you," she said. "It makes you think you always have to have an alibi and that's what Patrick has done for the last year."



Kristina Wildeveld, Las Vegas attorney

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