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Life Is Beautiful Set To Take Over Downtown Las Vegas


AP Photo/John Locher

Louise Doig jumps in front of a furry sculpture as a friend takes a picture at the Life is Beautiful music and art festival in 2014.

Life is Beautiful is preparing for its annual takeover of downtown Las Vegas, but there is a lot more to the festival than music.

More than 90,000 fans are expected to travel beyond the Strip and into an area surrounding East Fremont Street.

The three-day festival, which starts Friday and runs through Sunday, also includes a selection of gourmet food and a set list of keynote speakers.

So, what can we expect from year three of Life is Beautiful? And, will the festival finally turn a profit.

Rehan Choudhry, on of Life is Beautiful's founding partners, sat down with KNPR's State of Nevada to talk about music festivals and why he is giving away thousands of tickets to freshman at UNLV and Nevada State College.


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Rehan Choudhry, founding-partner, Life is Beautiful

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