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Is Free Speech In Nevada At Risk?



A bill before the Legislature would change free speech laws in Nevada

A bill supported by Wynn Resorts would substantially weaken Nevada’s laws meant to protect free speech.

Senate Bill 444 seeks to pull back a law enacted in 2013 that greatly expanded First Amendment protections for those who speak about issues of public concern.

Some lawsuits are filed simply to shut up those who are speaking. They are called Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPP for short.

But attorney Mitchell Langberg believes Nevada’s law is too broad and needs to be revised. He is outside counsel to Wynn Resorts and an expert on anti-SLAPP statutes.

Support comes from


Mitchell Langberg, outside counsel, Wynn Resorts; John L. Smith, columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal; Marc Randazza, attorney, Randazza Legal Group

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