Beatty Schools Minus Important Program When Music Teacher Retires


Beatty Middle School

Rural schools like this one in Beatty face a shrinking population and lack of funding.

The Nye County School District recently posted a new job opening - for a music teacher in Beatty Schools.

Long-time music teacher Dale Lerbakken is retiring this year after nearly 25 years with the school.

In a school that has a total of about 200 students K-12, Lerbakken was responsible for the music instruction of the entire school. Replacing him will be no easy task, according to principal Gary Flood, and the district may face a difficult recruiting process.

Population and funding issues facing Nevada schools usually makes one think of the overcrowded classrooms in Clark County.

But rural Nevadans face a different problem - empty classrooms. Although there are more than 50,000 students spread throughout rural Nevada, those numbers are dwarfed by that of Clark and Washoe counties.

With dwindling populations in these rural areas, it's possible that eventually numbers may not allow school districts to hire replacement teachers.






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Gary Flood, principal, Beatty Schools

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