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NV Assemblyman Gets Committee Change After Voting Against Party

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - A Nevada assemblyman who broke ranks with fellow Republicans on a key bill opposed by unions has moved from the committee where he was a swing voter.

Moderate Republican Assemblyman Glenn Trowbridge was moved from the Assembly Government Affairs Committee and reassigned to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Conservative Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler took his place in the government affairs committee, which deals with issues including public employee union pensions.

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Republican Assembly Caucus spokesman Ed Gonzalez said Trowbridge wanted to switch committees because the judiciary panel is dealing with major homeowner association measures, such as a bill up for debate Thursday that would move HOA law from state to local jurisdiction.

Trowbridge's vote in March nearly killed SB119, a Republican-backed bill that suspends prevailing wage rules for school construction.