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Parental Notification Bill Has Pro-Choice Advocates Concerned


Katherine Streeter for NPR

A bill before the State Legislature would require parental notification before a minor could get an abortion in Nevada.

Republican Assembly Speaker John Hambrick is sponsoring a bill requiring parental notification before a minor can receive an abortion.

But as lawmakers work to approve or deny Governor Brian Sandoval's $7.3 billion budget, is there the political will to approve abortion restrictions?

And if it was approved by the Legislature, would a parental notification law stand up to a court challenge?

Samantha Frederickson, public affairs manager with Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada, says forced Forced notification like this doesn't take into account family dynamics.

"Every family is different," Frederickson told KNPR’s State of Nevada. "And, the rality is most young women do include their parents in decisions like this. But for some women it's not a viable option to talk to their families."

Frederickson said it's unfortuante that for whatever reason some women maybe afraid to talk to their parents about a pregnancy. "And if they can't talk to that family and they are forced to they may take matters into their own hands and turn to unsafe, unreliable options," she said.

Hambrick's measure is Assembly Bill 405, which has been referred to the Heatlh and Human Services Committee. As of Thursday, no hearing had been scheduled.

Support comes from

The 24-page bill would require physicians to send a written notification to parents or guardians of a minor seeking an abortion and requirees a 48-hour wait time before the procedure.

Hambrick's bill does allow some exceptions in the case of medical emergencies and details a confidential appeal process for pregnant women to go through with the procedure without parent or guardian notification.


Samantha Frederickson, public affairs manager, Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada

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