New Funding Formula Could Hurt Community Colleges


College of Southern Nevada

A new funding formula will take millions from community colleges around the state.

Nevada’s community college budgets are already tight. But they are about to get even worse.

A new state formula kicks in this year that will take away state funding from colleges when students get an F for not showing up for class. The state’s community colleges are expected to lose almost $8 million over two years.

Of that total, the College of Southern Nevada will lose the majority, about $5 million.

Katheryn Brekken with the College of Southern Nevada told KNPR’s State of Nevada they knew this was coming and college campuses in the north will be hurt the most.

Part of the problem is the just the nature of the students they serve who are generally working another job and going to school part time.

“Life gets in the way of our students,” Brekken said.

She said the college will work to make sure students are more successful and stay in class.

John Kinkella with Western Nevada College echoed that effort.

“We’re putting the focus on keeping the kids and getting them through their courses successfully,” Kinkella said.

Western Nevada College will focus on mentoring programs so fewer students don’t miss class. Kinkella said that because the college serves many rural counties in the state transportation can be students’ biggest challenges.

Support comes from

The money that the state saves by changing the funding formula will be redirected to four-year colleges.

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Katheryn Brekken, director of communications and governmental affairs, College of Southern Nevada; John Kinkella, dean of student services, Western Nevada College

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