Despite A Republican Majority In the Senate, Is Reid Still The Boss?


Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Harry Reid is no longer the boss of the Senate but he is still making waves.

After the Republican sweep in the November elections, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, D – NV lost his seat as majority leader in the Senate.

But observers in the nation’s capital say he is acting like he is still in charge.’s Manu Raju says Reid is a master of the political process and is using some of the tricks Republicans used against him when he was majority leader.

Raju told KNPR's State of Nevada that Reid is using the filibuster, which he railed against when he was the Majority Leader, effectively to get what he wants.

In addition, Republicans have only 54 in the Senate but they need 60 to override a presidential veto. That gives Reid, who works hand-in-hand with President Barack Obama, a very strong hand in the nation’s capital.

Raju points out the rules of the Senate can make it possible for one lawmaker to hold up the whole body, unlike in the House where a majority can push its agenda over the minority. 

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Manu Raju, columnist, Politico

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