Trove Of Fossil Bones Of Clawed, Feathered Dinos Uncovered In Utah

A nine-ton block of sandstone chipped from a Utah mountain holds the biggest fossil trove ever found of the giant predatory dinosaur known as Utahraptor, researchers have said. 

Scientists have found the remains of six dinosaurs in the rock so far, and more may be trapped there.  Covered in feathers, with a huge sickle claw on each second toe, the Utahraptor looked similar to the Jurassic Park star dinosaur Velociraptor. 

The remains were excavated in a massive effort that has spanned more than a decade, led by Utah state paleontologist James Kirkland, according to National Geographic.  The recent finds include never-before-seen bones that are already changing scientific views of the Utahraptor anatomy.

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