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Incoming Secretary Of State Supports Voter ID Laws For Nevada

Voter identification laws have generated a lot of controversy around the country, but they have continued to pass state legislatures.

Currently, there are 17 states that require photo IDs and 19 states that allow non-photo IDs.

Lawmakers who support the measures believe it will limit voter fraud, while those opposed say the laws put a burden on poor, elderly and minority voters who may not have a drivers’ license or other form of identification.

The issue very well could be a topic of discussion in the Nevada State Legislature which starts in February.

In coming Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske supports a voter identification law for Nevada.

Cegavske supported voter ID laws in the State Legislature in 2007 and 2009, both were blocked by Democrats opposed to the law because of the potential cost of providing thousands of photo IDs.

Cegavske told KNPR’s State of Nevada she is not sure how much it would cost to implement a voter ID law in Nevada, but she doesn’t believe it would be a big expense.

Support comes from

She believes the law is important to make sure the state maintains the integrity of elections, even though her predecessor Ross Miller announced only two voter fraud cases last year.  

“It is hard for me to understand if you have to show your ID when you register, why it would become an issue there after?” Cegavske said.  

She also said the majority of people she has talked to around the state from both parties support a voter ID law. Cegavske said she supports the law but is open to talk about what needs to be done in Nevada. 

"This is a healthy debate and something we should talk about," Cegavske said.

With her election in November, Cegavske is confident she’ll see a voter ID requirement become law, especially now that Republicans control the State Legislature. 


Barbara Cegavaske, Nevada Secretary of State

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