Seven Largest School Districts To Teach Computer Science

The country's seven largest school districts, including the Clark County School District, are joining more than 50 others to start offering introductory computer science to all their students.

The commitments by the school districts in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston and elsewhere are being announced Monday at the White House. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will also meet with students at an "hour of code" computing event.

The College Board, which runs the Advanced Placement program for high school students, is introducing a new college-level course called AP Computer Science Principles. There's already one AP course in basic computer science, but the White House says this course is multidisciplinary and focuses on real-world applications.

Charitable groups are also pledging $20 million to train more teachers in computer science by fall 2016.

The CCSD is the fifth-largest school district in the country.

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