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The call it a "second spring" Norm Schilling has some plan ideas to make Fall colorful in your yard. He has a checklist of plants looking their best, because now is the time to plant in Southern Nevada.

  • Golden Dyssodia/Shrubby Dogweed - Thymophylla pentachaeta (previously named Dyssodia pentachaeta)
  • Rain Lilly - Zephyranthes candida (many other species and varieties available)
  • Aloe sp. - Aloe (the species of this Aloe in Norm's garden is currently unknown)
  • Gayfeather - Liatris spicata
  • Chocolate Flower - Berlandiera lyrata
  • Autumn Joy Sedum - Sedum telephium "Autumn Joy"
  • Willow Acacia - Acacia salicina (in the program, Norm misnamed the species as "saligna", another smaller species of Acacia)
  • Mexican Sage - Salvia leucantha
  • Mexican Bird of Paradise - Caesalpinia mexicana
  • Radiation Lantana - Lantana camara "Radiation"
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