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Journalist Says Local Police Try To Hide Shooting Statistics


Reno editor Brian Burghart was a very disgruntled man. He decided a couple of years ago, after witnessing a police killing, to find a national database of police shootings. But none existed. He concluded that the local police preferred to keep such information secret.

So Burghart decided to build one for himself. He's been at it now for two years and thinks he knows why police departments across the country make it difficult to assess the cause of the shootings and how they were judged by the various investigations, tribunals and courts that rule on officer-involved shootings. So what would a national data base tell us that we don't know now? And how would it shape police behavior?


Brian Burghart, editor, Reno News and Review

Support comes from

Lawrence Mower, investigative reporter, Palm Beach Post (formerly reporter at the Las Vegas Review-Journal)

William Souza, Dept. of Criminal Justice, UNLV

James Coldren, managing director, CNA Institute for Public Research

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