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Drought Cutting Into Northern Nevada Ranchers' Profits

In Nevada, the prolonged drought is eating into the profits of ranchers and farmers. Orovada rancher Ron Cerri said it will cost about $100,000 to feed his heard of 400 head of cattle this winter.

Hay prices are currently between $200 and $250 per ton, a price that will Cerri and his Rebel Creek Ranch hard with each cow consuming one to one and a half tons of hay over the winter.

The fiscal impact of three years of below-normal snow packs is hitting some ranchers quite hard, while some have enjoyed the benefits if high beef prices. But, Cerri says while they are fortunate that beef prices are high, other ranch staples have also increased in price.

Cerri says fuel and groceries have increased in price cutting into his profits.


Ron Cerri, rancher with Rebel Creek Ranch

Ron Torell, president of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association

Raul Morales, deputy state director for resources and grazing programs in Nevada with the Bureau of Land Management.

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