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Is Las Vegas A Target For Terrorism?

Apparently, Las Vegas rules do not apply to ISIS: what happens in the region, does not stay there, but spills well beyond the Gulf States.

And yet Las Vegas is on the hitlist of potential Western targets, Al-Qaida’s nine-page manual suggests. Called Palestine: Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience al Malahem, the manual also targets Time Square, oil tankers and trains in the United States.

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President Obama addressed the nation Wednesday, promising to hunt down the terrorists without getting “dragged in another ground war in Iraq.” 475 service members will be sent to Iraq because “they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment.”

The day before FBI Director James B. Comey said during his brief visit to Las Vegas, that Southern Nevada faces no credible threats of terrorism. With thousands of people visiting Vegas each year, “You are a city of the world,” Comey said to Las Vegas Review-Journal. “So you are the focus of attention by good people and bad people all over the world. I don’t see that having changed appreciably in the last few months.” 
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