When Is It Safe For Children To Move Into The Digital World?


We all live in the digital world - the Internet, cell phones and social media are ubiquitous. But when is it safe to let children wander unsupervised in that realm? Facebook says children can join when they turn 13, but the popular social media site has also been exploring ways to allow parents to supervise younger children on the site.

Then there are cell phones. Parents love being able to contact children directly but modern cell phones also offer cameras and access to much of the Internet, so it's a devil's bargain to buy a child a phone. We talk with one parent who's just confronted those issues and we want to hear what your experiences as a parent have been in raising children well in the digital age.

Check here for online safety tips.


Courtney Burns, counselor, Faith Lutheran High School

Katherine Hertlein, director of family and marriage therapy, UNLV, and author of The Couple and Family Technology Framework: Intimate Relationships in a Digital Age

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