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UNLV Could Be Left Behind As Power Conferences Write Their Own Rules

The Pac-12 and other major conferences in college sports now have an even larger advantage over UNLV and UNR.

The NCAA board of directors on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to allow the schools in the top five conferences to write their own rules. The autonomy rules will permit the Pac-12 or SEC to decide on things such as cost-of-attendance stipends and recruiting rules.

Those stipends could be worth between $2,000 and $5,000 per player. So what is UNLV to do to compete? At this point, there is very little UNLV can do as larger universities move to create an even larger competitive imbalance.


Taylor Bern, sports reporter with the Las Vegas Sun

D.J. Allen, president of Xs & Os of Success and a former assistant athletic director at UNLV

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