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Big Knockout Boxing Launches In Vegas

This Saturday night a subsidiary of Direct TV will try to revamp boxing. The sweet science has been faltering in recent years because of a lack of competition in the heavyweight division and has not been able to sustain interest of fans who are defecting to mixed martial arts such as Ultimate Fighting Championship.

But Big Knockout Boxing has changed some rules to make the fights more interesting for fans, particularly those watching on TV. The fights will take place in a circle half the size of a conventional boxing ring and without ropes. That means boxers will have to be on the attack and will have little time for defense. Critics such as Alex McClintock say that these rules show how brutal boxing can be and will greatly increase the rate of head injury because the emphasis will be on the big knockout punch. So who is right? And should Nevada be backing a sport that could be so dangerous?

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Alex McClintock, blogger, Queensberry Rules

Marc Altieri, official spokesman, Big Knockout Boxing

Francisco Aguilar, chairman, Nevada State Athletic Commission

Sarah Banks, neurologist, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

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