UCLA Cleanup Crew Treated For Toxins

Authorities say six people who were helping clean up UCLA's flooded Pauley Pavilion are being treated for exposure to toxic carbon monoxide. The men fell ill from generator exhaust. Yesterday a torrent of water spewed from a nearly century-old pipe that burst in Los Angeles, shutting down a section of Sunset Boulevard and inundating the campus of UCLA. Some 20 million gallons had spilled from the pipe by Wednesday afternoon and it continued to gush about 1,000 gallons a minute even though crews had reduced the flow. At its peak on Tuesday, the pipe was spewing 38,000 gallons a minute.

More than 700 vehicles were in two subterranean garages that flooded, and about half the vehicles were totally submerged. The amount of water that spilled is enough to fill more than 1,000 average-sized backyard swimming pools, or more than 400,000 bathtubs. The water main that broke was installed in 1921.

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