Hakkasan Bans 'Whales And Hippos'

Hakkasan nightclub attracted some unwanted publicity recently when a club host told a Southern California woman that the bachelorette party she was organizing would not be comped unless she provided photographs of everyone in the party.

That request was impractical but the host insisted telling "Zoe" that the club did not want to comp "whales and hippos" because it was the best club in Las Vegas. And that response raises questions about whether the business of Las Vegas could succeed without paying so much attention to physical appearance. The email exchange also went viral when it was posted on the Jezebel Web site.

Clearly, the clubs think that a supply of young attractive women boosts their business, but are they skirting discrimination law? And what does it say about our town and our society that we put so much faith in good looks?


"Zoe" who was told Hakkasan would not comp "whales and hippos"

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Erin Gloria Ryan, news editor, Jezebel

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