Palm Care

Norm Schilling has mixed feelings about how we use Palms in our yards. Full grown palm trees transplanted into the entry way of a mall is a common sight that tells Southern Nevadan's "something" is nearly open for business. He reminds us that those palms come with challenges.

  • Canary date plam
  • Canary Date Palms are slow growing. These specimens are between 15-20 years and take a lot of space.
  • Canary Date Palms take a lot of space before they get tall.
  • At 30 to 40 years old - the Canary Date Palm is impressive, but you have to be patient!
  • Mexican Fan Palm showing some winter damage
  • Norm had to cut down a palm recently . . .
  • Mexican Blue Fan Palm
  • Mexican Blue Fan Palm
  • Sago - not really a Palm.
  • Norm's got mixed feelings about Palms...
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