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The Hazy Future Of Medical Marijuana In Clark County

The legislature finally set up a framework for counties to organize licensed sellers of marijuana. That, however, was only the first step. Now there's all kinds of talk about how people with power and influence have the inside running for the limited number of dispensary licenses.  And other jurisdictions have seen dispensaries congregate in less-affluent neighborhoods.

Even where medical marijuana is legal, zoning laws have been used to oust sellers from their first choice of site, and everywhere dealers are finding it hard to get a bank that's willing to accept their cash. So what other unforeseen problems might be lurking in the medical marijuana business? And what can we learn from the experience of other cities?

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Chris Giunchigliani, Clark County Commissioner, District E

Craig Muller, Attorney, Muller, Hinds & Associates 

Emily Alpert Reyes, Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Jonathan Singer, State Representative (District 11), Colorado General Assembly

Friday, May 16, 2014