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Latinos Grapple With Jobs And Housing

As noted earlier this year in a UNLV-Brookings Institute Study, The Las Vegas Latino community is still in recession. That means the need for services -- including housing assistance, foreclosure help, and health access -- remains high as the economy improves generally. Yet, according to workers on the ground, the new trend in the community is to shun those services. We talk with Margarita Robellal, the Executive Director at Community Services of Nevada about a trend she says is deeply troubling and largely ignored. We also speak with UNLV professor John Tuman about why a bad job market lingers for Latinos.

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Margarita Robella, Executive Director, Community Services of Nevada

John Tuman, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, UNLV

Peter Guzman, Realtor and Latin Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, March 5, 2014