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Laurie Bisch Runs For Sheriff Again

Police officer Laurie Bisch, who has been with Metro more than 20 years, is throwing her hat in the ring to campaign for police sheriff for the third time. In the 2006 primary, she placed third out of16 candidates, so did not advance to the general election, which featured Doug Gillespie against Jerry Airola.

In 2010, Bisch made it to the general election, and then lost with 35 percent of the vote to by-then incumbent Gillespie's 65 percent.

Bisch works in Metro's Bolden Area Command, just west of downtown Las Vegas. A single mom, said she chose not to move up through Metro ranks in order to work two jobs to send her two children to good schools. She believes she has gained management and leadership skills through a site clean-up business she founded and ran for 10 years.

"We use our own budget first, and then go to taxpayers," she has said to explain her opposition to raising the Clark County sales tax right now to pay for more officers on the streets.

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Laurie Bisch, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer running for sheriff in 20114

Thursday, September 19, 2013