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Chris Giunchigliani, County Commissioner

BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- The Nevada Legislature has approved two bills that would allow county commissioners to raise taxes on fuel and-or increase the sales tax.

Although there is some debate among the commissioners as to which tax will be less burdensome, or whether or not both should be enacted, Chris Giunchigliani is leaning towards the fuel tax.

“The fuel tax would let us raise $700 million dollars annually in bond capacity which would employ about 10,000 people,” says Giunchigliani. “But even more importantly it would allow us to continue to upgrade our roads to add our I-11 which is a key component of making sure we have a trade connectivity to Arizona from Nevada.”

An increase in sales tax would go towards hiring 150-200 Metro police officers. The increase would raise the rate from 8.1 to 8.25 percent. Giunchigliani has been opposed to the sales tax, but says she needs to see more information. “Our sales tax is very high, it’s very regressive, and it hits our lower income folks more,” says Giunchigliani.

Support comes from

Even though the commissioner is on the fence on raising the sales tax, she does support more officers on the streets.

“It’s absolutely critical and it’s what our constituents want,” says Giunchigliani.



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