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School Board Member Chris Garvey Endorses Skorkowsky For Superintendent

Chris Garvey, Clark County School Board member

BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- After all of the discourse and speculation, can it be that the new Clark County Schools Superintendent is already in place? According to board member Chris Garvey, interim superintendent Pat Skorkowsky should be offered the job.

“In the last few weeks, we’ve seen Pat really step up to the plate and exhibit those characteristics that I want to see in a new superintendent,” says Garvey. “The beauty of it is, Pat already knows the system. He knows the people, he knows the classrooms, he knows what we’ve been through, and he’s been a part of the change that we’ve really embraced.”

Garvey says this isn’t just her opinion, but it’s what she’s overwhelmingly hearing from her constituents.

“From the person at the grocery store, to the library and even in my dental chair. They are all saying the same thing. We need to keep Pat here,” says Garvey.

The Clark County School Board continues hosting public meetings in an effort to gauge the community's thoughts on who should be the next superintendent.

Support comes from

“As you know, the board is made up of seven individuals, and so majority rules,” says Garvey. “We are waiting for the public input. I’ve heard enough input from my constituents to know what I’m going to do.”




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