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As tech boosters and entrepreneurs work to make Las Vegas the next Silicon Valley, another industry is getting its start in the downtown area. Fashion designers now have the Stitch Factory, a co-working space with industrial grade machines, working tables and other amenities for aspiring and established fashion professionals to work on. Where does fashion fit into the downtown profile? We'll talk to some fashion designers already working in the space.


Ermelinda Manos, fashion designer

Jake Bronstein, Flint and Tinder


Ermelinda Manos: "It’s definitely for a very confident woman, very elegant and form-fitting ... it’s supposed to fit every woman, every shape. It’s sexy and elegant at the same time. And very simple."


"For this collection I used sheer and beaded work, and a lot of hand work as well. A lot of hard work. Velveteen, both stretchy and non-stretch. Velveteen is perfect coming in for this fall right now, so adding a little bit of sexy and sophistication by adding some embroider work on top of the velveteen."

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Jake Bronstein: "Ermalinda’s stuff is amazing and she undersells it. It’s gorgeous, really really beautiful stuff ... sexy go-out dresses for girls."