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Casinos And Clubs Preemptively Ban Google Glass

Rosa Golijan, Tech Reporter, NBC News


BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- According to NBC tech reporter Rosa Golijan, the first units of Google Glass are ready to ship. For those of us without a golden ticket or an extra $1500, here’s what early adopters of the wearable computer will experience:

“Google Glass is just outside of your field of vision – there’s a little display you can glance up to look at. You can use it to take photos, to shoot video, to start video chats with your friends,” says Golijan. “Let’s say you’re walking down the street and you see something amazing. You can say ‘OK glass record video.’”

For gadget geeks eager to integrate real and online lives, this sounds thrilling. For casino and strip club owners, it sounds intrusive.

“I’ve spoken to casino and strip club owners and other business owners and their main concern is if they already banned cameras and other recording devices, they’re pretty much thinking about banning Google Glass,” says Golijan.

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Glass is potentially sneakier than a video recorder in that it has no red indicator light.

“It’s right there on your face, it’s a lot less disruptive, and it’s a lot quicker,” says Golijan.