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Several bills in the Nevada legislature would change the way fast food restaurants do business. One would require them to post the calorie counts for all items on the menu. And the other would tax fast food to encourage consumption of healthier fare. But a judge recently struck down a law to restrict the size of sugary drinks in New York, raising questions about the fate of similar laws on food. While lawmakers work to control what people eat, the mental health care system seems to be getting more out of control. Authorities in California accused Nevada mental health providers of dumping patients in their state. And the recent police fatality review of Stanley Gibson raised questions about gaps in the mental health safety net. On the national and international levels, Congress is considering gun control legislation and Catholic cardinals just picked a new pope — the first from the Southern hemisphere. We'll talk about that and more in this edition of "What's on Your Mind?"


Dayvid Figler, attorney

Laurel Fee, Editor, Trunc

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