Some traditional indoor plants are better suited than others to leave the comforts of indoor life for the outdoor garden. Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

  • Christmas cactusNot all cacti come from the desert. This group evolved from the jungles of Brazil and needs protection on chilly nights.
  • Aloe veraThis is not a Mojave Desert plant, but works well as a houseplant in a desert landscape.
  • ChrysanthemumThese will survive outside of their pots in the ground. It's possible to buy these hardy plants year-round.
  • CyclamensBeautiful and sturdy, these plants do well indoors and outside as long as the're protected from the most extreme heat and given water and fertilizer.
  • Boston fernNephrolepsis exaltata is not a desert native, but can be fooled. Sit the plant in filtered light and use a drip emitter. Fertilize. Bring inside during a freeze.

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