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The Hostess brand has shut down, taking Twinkies with it. Also gone are Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Fruit Pies, and Sno Balls (and Wonder Bread - why is no one talking about Wonder Bread?)

In this interview we talk to a Hostess spokesperson about the 171 jobs lost at the Henderson bakery (stream audio above.) Anita-Marie Laurie denies claims that during the negotiations, executives gave themselves a raise, and instead blamed the failure to reach a deal on the bakers' union. But with the Henderson plant no longer producing sugary Hostess treats ...

... What's a Twinkie fan to do?

There’s a good chance that some other manufacturer will pick up the snack slack. But just in case, here are a few other strategies to help out Twinkie devotees.

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1. Go On The Web, Look At Pictures Of Twinkies

Twinkies aren’t just delicious, they’re hilarious. From Twinkie sushi to bacon-wrapped Twinkie Stonehenge, the Hostess treat has inspired its own special brand of kitchen folk art.  Some of it is whimsical. Some of it is weird. And some of it is vaguely offensive.

2. Make Your Own Damn Twinkies

In the past, it seemed ridiculous to waste valuable baking time creating a copycat recipe for a treat you could just as easily buy at the store. Who’s got the last laugh now? That’s right, the people who were sweating it out in the kitchen, cooking up ersatz Twinkies. Someone has even made a gluten-free version.

3. Take Out A Loan, Buy A Twinkie

How much would you pay for a box of Twinkies? One hundred thousand dollars? One million dollars? Relax. You can get one on Ebay for a mere ten grand. That’s only one thousand dollars per Twinkie. Go in on it with a group of friends or coworkers.

4. Remember: Twinkies Have An Eternal Shelf Life

Or do they? But common wisdom holds that the only way to truly destroy a Twinkie is to eat it, microwave it, or maybe stomp it into a spongy pulp. That means that while there may be many obstacles between you and your next Twinkie, short shelf life isn’t one of them.

5. Wait, This Just In

Or maybe our time without Twinkies will be short-lived. A judge has ordered Hostess and the Bakers' union to try to work things out.