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The presidential campaign is still with us and will be for another seven weeks. But there are other issues that we can talk about: the city is working on a plan to open up more parking downtown. The paper is full of stories about lawyers who have stolen clients' money or tried to fool the IRS about how much income tax they owe. Is that business as usual or do we have an ethical crisis? The Republican National Committee has finally sent in more support for voter registration but will it put them on an equal footing with the Democrats? And the long-awaited mall in Summerlin is finally going ahead. Does that mean the local economy is finally shaking off the recession? You tell us what's on your mind!
Alicia Shepard, Visiting Professor of Journalism, UNLV and former National Public Radio Ombudsman
Erin Bilbray-Kohn, Executive Director, Emerge Nevada
Michael Cornthwaite, Downtown Cocktail Room and Emergency Arts

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