Delegate Says President Obama is Fighting for Middle Class

Nevada Democratic delegate Erin Bilbray Kohn says the message at the 2012 Democratic National Convention will focus on the middle class and economic recovery.

“(Obama’s) policies are starting to move the economy forward,” says Kohn. “We cannot stop as things are starting to move forward to go back to the failed policies of the Republican Party, which are about giving big tax breaks to the wealthy, while increasing taxes on middle class America.”

Kohn acknowledges Americans are impatient to see the results of Obama’s fiscal leadership, particularly those in a state as hit as hard by the recession as Nevada.

“It took us a long time and a lot of bad Republican policies for us to get into this financial mess. It cannot be fixed overnight. The President is doing the right thing. He’s moving the dial forward. It’s not as fast as we want it to be, but we have to be patient and we have to be realistic,” says Kohn.

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Kohn, who has two daughters, says she’s also concerned that social policy would take a step backward under a Mitt Romney presidency.

Birth control is a serious issue,” says Kohn.”I do not believe that we are still arguing about something that my mother’s generation argued for.”

Kohn adds that the current GOP is not the moderate Republican Party she remembers from her youth.

“I feel we’re at a crossroads and that the Republican Party has gotten very extreme,” says Kohn. “It’s not the Republican Party I grew up with in Nevada. I don’t think it represents the values of America.”

Kohn points out that the chair of the DNC is a woman, and is the first woman to be a chair for either party. She adds however, that if Obama has a flaw, it’s that he doesn’t appoint enough women to boards and commissions, although “He does do an OK job with gender parity.”


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