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Libraries across the country are struggling with reduced budgets as a result of the recession. Cuts have come at the same time demand for library services are at an all time high. A recent report from the American Library Association said while providing what many state and local governments view as an easy target for budget-slashing people depend on libraries now more than ever.

How is Clark County's library system doing? The Las Vegas Sun reported Clark County Library's budget was cut by 9 percent last year and the system laid off 96 employees. Those cuts also resulted in reduced hours and services at local libraries.

Meantime the emergence of e-books has changed the way publishers and libraries work together and sometimes make it hard for libraries to offer fee-free access.

What are libraries doing to keep up with the digital age and reduced budget cuts? We'll talk with the head of Clark County Libraries about services in Las Vegas and keeping up with a changing book industry.

Jeanne Goodrich, Exec Dir, LVCCLD

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