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Neighborhood Watch Groups and Neighborhood Safety

The shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida sparked a national debate on racial profiling, and the degree of force that citizens can use.  The watch captain, George Zimmerman, drove around the neighborhood carrying a loaded gun. 
What degree of protection should neighborhood watch groups have?  How have local watch groups changed their policies since this incident?  A police official, a gun training instructor, and neighborhood watch captains join us to discuss.  And we want to hear from you: call 258-3552 during the live program leave your comments below.
Kathy Perkins, Crime Prevention Specialist, LVMPD
Lucy Baines, Neighborhood Watch Captain
Bob Canfield, Neighborhood Watch Captain
Teresa Cragon, Desert Horizons Neighborhood Watch Captain
Mike Murray, firearm instructor and co-owner, A Calculated Response

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