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The Collapse of Harvey Whittemore's Multimillion Partnership

They used to be friends and business partners, investing millions in a Southern Nevada housing community they hoped would turn into a billion-dollar payoff.  But the investment went sour. 
Now former Reno lobbyist Harvey Whittemore and the Seeno Brothers are suing each other, throwing accusations of embezzlement, racketeering, and murder threats.  The court cases could take years to resolve, but their dispute could affect their valuable gaming licenses in Reno. 
The FBI is also investigating Whittemore's past political contributions, which is spurring politicians to give his donations to charity.  And the Seeno Brothers themselves have been fined and investigated multiple times by the FBI, Gaming Control Board, and environmental boards.  So what's going on in Reno, and how would it affect gaming and development in our state?
Martha Bellisle, reporter, RGJ

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Friday, February 17, 2012