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Police Shootings - Training and the Inquest Process

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has undertaken a year-long review of police shootings in Clark County. The series has documented a culture reluctant to change as well as training and personnel procedures inadequate to change the system. The reporters as well as critics of the system join us to discuss the findings on the culture of local police departments and the failings of the inquest process to bring out the facts in police shootings.
Lawrence Mower, Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Alan Maimon, Special Correspondent, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Brian Hayned, Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Richard Boulware, VP, Las Vegas Chapter, NAACP
Chris Collins, Exec Dir, Las Vegas Police Protective Assoc
Delores Brown Jones, PhD, Dir, The Center on Race, Crime and Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Friday, December 2, 2011