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Hey Baby, Wanna Play Poker? What Our Online Dating Profiles Say About Us

Luke DuBois is an artist and programmer.  He loves working with statistics, and finding the patterns that emerge.  So, when he tried online dating, he decided to turn it into an experiment: he scanned over 19 million dating profiles and found the words most commonly used for those regions. 
Words like "poker" and "Strip" popped up for Las Vegas, and "Cathouse" and "sin" for Reno.  But there were also random words ("grape," "bully," "absorbent").  Baton Rouge wanted "curvy" and New Yorkers demanded "now."  ("Spanking" was a big hit in LA.) 
So what did his "map" of online dating reveal about Nevadans?  And how do the words we choose reveal what we really want?
What do you think? Tell us in the comment section below.
Luke DuBois, Asst Prof of Integrated Digital Media, Brooklyn Experimental Media Center at NYU's Polytechnic Inst

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