GOP Candidates Come to Nevada for Presidential Debate

GOP presidential hopefuls are coming to Nevada for the Western Republican Presidential Debate. The debate is hosted by CNN and CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference. A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Herman Cain leads the GOP field with 27 percent of Republican support. He's followed by Mitt Romney with 23 percent and Rick Perry comes in third with 16 percent of Republican voter support. GOP candidates will go head to head in Nevada in preparation for the January 14 caucus. Meantime, drama has erupted over when Nevada's GOP caucus will be held. Nevada Republican leaders selected January 14 for the date but that's raised concerns in New Hampshire which has a law that says that state's primary election must be held seven days before any "similar event." We'll discuss which GOP candidates will play well to Nevada voter and how New Hampshire will play in Nevada's caucus.
Chuck Muth, blogger and activist,
Lynn Stewart, Assemblyman, Dist 22
Michael Memoli, LA Times

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