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Spectators who went to catch a Reno air show this past weekend, instead found themselves watching a speeding plane crash into the stands and send bodies flying.  "I saw body parts and gore like you wouldn't believe it," one witness told the media.  Officials still don't know why the WWII-era plane nosedived into the stands, killing 10 and injuring others.  Critics are now calling the race's safety into question.

How safe was it for a 74-year-old pilot to be flying a vintage WWII-era plane that had multiple overhauls?  A Reno Gazette Journal reporter gives us the latest news, plus we talk with an expert about safety at air shows.

Martha Bellisle, reporter, Reno Gazette Journal
Tim O'Brien, eyewitness at Reno air show
David Lerner, Pres, Clark County Aviation Assoc

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