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Would consolidation work for North Las Vegas and Las Vegas

Earlier this month a Nevada legislator pointed out that should the need arise one of the only ways to save the community of North Las Vegas could be a state takeover. However, North Las Vegas Mayor, Shari Buck says the city is far from being taken over by the state. So what is the solution? The idea of consolidation has been discussed over the past few years and the cities of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas came up with ways where shared services could save money. The implementation and viability of complete consolidation is unproven across the country but with two cash-strapped cities like North Las Vegas and Las Vegas is it a good idea? We'll talk with city council members from both cities about the possibility of consolidation of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas.
Steve Ross, Councilman, City of Las Vegas Ward 6
Anita Wood, Councilwoman, City of North Las Vegas Ward 3

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Monday, August 1, 2011

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