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Underwater and Sinking: The Housing Situation in Las Vegas

When it comes to housing, Las Vegas consistently ranks near the top for most foreclosures and underwater mortgages.  And this forces many Las Vegans who are underwater to make a choice: stay or walk away?  How has the housing situation changed this past year?  What decisions has it forced Las Vegans to make, and how has it affected the culture and optimism of the city?  Also, what does our real estate situation look like to the rest of the world?  We talk to experts, plus some homeowners on how their lives have changed.  Also, special guest Lawrence Pollard from the BBC joins our panel to see how one of the country's worst foreclosure rates can change an American city.
Lawrence Pollard, BBC
Brent White, law professor, University of Arizona; author, "Underwater Home: What Should You Do if You Owe More on Your Home than It's Worth?"
Tom Blanchard, broker and owner, REO Asset Services, First Realty Group
Rory Reid, attorney and former Clark County Commissioner
Krystal Hosmer, strategically defaulted on home
Beatrice Cortinas, foreclosed homeowner
Diana Hayes, foreclosed homeowner

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