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Dean Heller's appointment to the U.S. Senate

On Wednesday Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval announced he would appoint Rep. Dean Heller to replace Sen. John Ensign as Nevada's junior senator. Democrats in Carson City were trying to push a fair and open process for the appointment calling for public input in the process. Meanwhile, Gov. Sandoval has reiterated the law says it is his job as governor to make the appointment.
Political analysts have said Democrats are worried that appointing Rep. Heller to the Senate gives him an upper hand in his 2012 race against Shelly Berkley who is also running to replace Ensign. We'll talk about the appointment and the implications it has on the 2012 election.
Steve Sebelius, columnist, Las Vegas Review Journal
Ron Futrell, contributor,
Anjeanette Damon, political reporter, Las Vegas Sun

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