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At 13.6%, the unemployment rate in Nevada is one of the highest in the nation. But there is a another employment figure that may be hurting the Nevada economy just as much as the jobless rate, it's underemployment. In 2010, Nevada's underemployment rate was 7.6%. That means 7.6% of workers in Nevada last year workers were either highly skilled but working in low paying jobs or they were workers that are highly skilled but work in low skill jobs and part-time workers that would prefer to be full-time. So how big of a problem is underemployment? We talk with the state's chief economist and a UNR professor who has studied underemployment nationally.

Bill Anderson, chief economist, NDETR
Fran McKee Ryan, Asst Pro of Management, Dept of Managerial Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011